Summer Travel Essentials And Accessories

Summer travel essentials are here and hopefully you have a trip planned somewhere post the COVID 19 where it is safe to do so. We have listed out top 8 summer travel essentials and accessories.

Summer travel essentials and accessories

1) Dopp Kit

Having the right dopp kit is not only a stylish accessory but also a way of organising smaller accessories. No-one wants to be that person that gets picked for security control and then has to take out all their small accessories and then put them back in; it can be a very annoying way to start a holiday so why not be prepared and travel in style with this stylish accessory. Watch out for the Creer Dopp Kit coming soon - carry all your small accessories from the bathroom to the boardroom.

2) Tech Dopp Kit

Its super important to keep your tech accessories separated from your home accessories such as toothbrush or shaving gear. Keep all your tech wires and gadgets organised with this.  Watch out for the Creer Tech Dopp Kit coming soon - carry all your tech accessories in one go!

3) Noise Cancelling Headphones 

A great quality of headphones are essential accessories for any trip in any seasons. Their use is from the first moment, they can make that flight a pleasant journey especially if its long one and don't forgot the beach time relaxation you can have with cancelling out all the outer noise. Like with all Creer products - quality is a must with these so we recommend going for a Bose or a Sony

4) Sandals/Flip Flops

A useful addition especially in a place where you will be around lots of water or in general in a humid climate. You'll regret not bringing if you don't.

5) Clorox Wipes

These are a must in such times in COVID 19 - for a quick clean of potentially dirty surfaces that can make you sick or unhealthy - great addition to the summer travel essentials.

6) External Battery Pack

Keep your batteries charged to ensure that you capture all those special moments on your summer adventures - you'll be surprised how often these will come in hand.

7) Portable Speaker

Like with the external battery pack, you will be surprised how often these can be used. A great way to add a vibe to any moment be in on the beach or a local tuk-tuk ride in Bali. Likewise with the headphones - quality is important. We recommend going for a JBL (even comes with a case).

8) Other notable mentions

1) Portable steamer 

Often you'll find in a lot of traveling countries you are not provided with a kettle - this is a great way to lessen that disappointment.

2) Small Travel Lint Roller

You don't want to left disappointed with a picture because that shirt or top is dirty from the lint! They are very small to fit in and can produce effect on your clothes which you can see forever in the moments you capture.

3) Suncream

A must for sunny destinations for obvious reasons.

4) Band aids

Another great easy travel essential to carry - it can be a pain looking for these when needed.