We believe that together, we can create a sustainable future and a brighter world we live in - isn't life about humans helping humans? - our founders 

At Creer we believe that UNITY is the KEY. That is why we decided to use our platform as a tool to show our support for the causes that matter to us.


Our promise is we will donate 5% of our annual results at the end of each year to the causes that we believe strongly in and matter to us.

Our annual donations will be split equally across charities within the following causes:

  • Environmental conservation - travel is a beautiful experience and we believe in order to preserve this great experience for generations to come we need to do our bit in conserving the environmentally delicate areas of our world, from the coral reefs to the rainforests we love and travel to each year. Each year we aim to donate to causes which help the environment we love!
  • Mental health - as young entrepreneurs, we know that how important mental health is in the world we live in where social media and internet has created such worlds which are simply not true - we understand this and want to do our bit in this cause that is so close to our hearts. Statistics state that men are 4 times more likely to suffer from mental health than women and yet we as a society refuse to accept this fact. We at Creer however accept this and aim to do more each year in this effort of ours!

Join Creer in this journey to help one another.