How to clean your stainless steel watch

Stainless steel is used for most watches produced around the world, its known to be the best material for watches due to its stylish look as well as the durable quality. While the material is hard and durable; it still requires regularly cleaning and care to ensure that it's looking its best for a long period of time. 

Why does your stainless steel require care?

Before delving into the 6 steps to clean your watch, it's important to know why to clean your stainless steel watch.

Over time, the polished look of a stainless-steel watch can begin to dull and loss its shine it once had. The small openings between the links of metal bracelets are prone to settling dust and dirt as well, which can lead to wear or even corrosion. Even with water-resistant designs, stainless steel watches can be vulnerable to rust due to frequent swimming, saltwater exposure or even just frequent sweating.

The most durable stainless steel is 316L. Marine-grade stainless steel, called type 316, is resistant to certain types of corrosive environments. The "L" designation means 316L steel has less carbon than normal 316. The lower carbon content in 316L minimizes deleterious carbide precipitation and consequently, 316L is used when welding is required to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. This ensures that 316L stainless steel is most effective against corrosion. All watches at Creer are made from 316L stainless steel ensuring the longest durability possible and with our tips below, together we can ensure your Creer watches last the length of time.

How to clean your stainless steel watch:

1) Wipe it down

Start by wiping down the watch with a soft cloth to remove initial layers of dirt and dust. You can do this regularly at the end of every day as well. You can use paper towel for this, but a microfibre cloth is recommended.

2) Dip the watch in warm soapy water

First it’s important to note that you want lukewarm water, not hot or steaming water. Lukewarm water is generally means between 98 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit, 36.5 to 40.5 Celsius. When you run the water on your wrist and it feels warmer than your body temperature, but not hot, that should be just about right. If you've ever tested the temperature of warm formula or milk in a baby's bottle, that's lukewarm!

Do not put it in hot water!, most watch manufacturers recommend against showering with your watch on your wrist because of the exposure to hot water.

Once you fill up a sink basin or clean bowl with lukewarm water and place your watch in. Then a short soak of the watch and some gentle wiping with a cloth should remove most dirt from your watch.

If this still does not remove all the dirt, you can add a drop of antibacterial dish soap to the water. Dish soap is designed to dissolve grease, which is why it works to remove oils and debris from stainless steel. If the watch is not water-resistant, please be careful to dip only the strap in the water — you wouldn’t want to damage a watch by trying to clean it.

All Creer watches come with a minimum 5 ATM (50 Meters) so this will not be an issue for you.

3) Gently scrub the stainless-steel bracelet

Use a damp, clean toothbrush (or any brush) to get into the crevices of the stainless-steel bracelet. Be careful of how much pressure you apply, as too much can cause unwanted scratches. All Creer watches are made from 316L stainless steel which make them more durable to such scratches.

4) Rinse with warm water

Dip the bracelet in warm water or run it under the sink to rinse away the soap to bring it back to its normal shine. Leaving soap remains on the steel can cause it to tarnish and look dull.

5) Dry with a soft cloth

Pat the watch dry with a soft towel, or you can also use hair dryer on a low-heat setting to quickly dry in between the links. Once again, be careful of how much pressure you apply while doing this as you want to avoid any unwanted scratches. An easier or quicker way to dry the watch is to simply wear it out as the body heat and the outside atmosphere will dry the watch naturally.

6) Give it a good shine!

Spray a glass cleaner on a soft cloth, and wipe down the watch face, case and bracelet to refresh the shine. 

All Creer watches come inbuilt with a polish finish so you will not need to give it a thorough polish, this will happen automatically once the watch dries. 

How often should you clean your stainless steel watch?

If you wear your watch every day, give it a deep clean once a month. The watch will also benefit from a quick wipe down daily. Just remember that like washing your face and brushing your teeth before bed, your watch can benefit from a quick clean as well. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the inside of the watch band, plus the case in the back and front. This will help remove any excess moisture or lotion that rubbed off your skin and onto the watch throughout the day. Regular maintenance and care for your watch will make your monthly deep cleaning even easier.

It worth noting that once a year, it’s also worth taking your watch in for a professional service and cleaning. An expert can polish away scratches that your toothbrush can’t or have come about from your monthly deep cleans.

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