Luxury holiday destination for couples

There's nothing quite like travel to put any relationship to the test, no matter whether you and your partner are lovers of luxury, or old-school romantics. Traveling abroad to new regions surrounded by different cultures and languages can not only make a relationship fonder but also leave great lasting memories. We have picked out our top 10 luxury holiday destinations for couples.

1)Cappadoccia, Turkey

Experience the bliss of the Turkish unique culture in this magical place. Most well know for its hot air balloon rides - a must visiting this place and offers a great view of the city.

The city offers great dining experiences with breath taking views all over the city. A key for any luxury holiday destination for couples is the accommodation; Cappadoccia offers numerous cosy and intimate accommodations for its travellers. The city offers hotels in caves and the desert so beautiful built that it is hard not to be mesmerised by them. For the best viewpoints, we recommend Yunak Evleri, Museum Hotel and Koza Cave Hotel (Highest Rooftop Hotel in Cappadoccia).


2) Paris, France

Paris is always a good idea, and it's not known as the City of Love for nothing - it has earned that title over the years. Grab a baguette, some Brie, and a bottle of wine, and have a romantic picnic by the Seine — yes, drinking outside is legal. Known for its vast Michelle style restaurants - you can't go wrong with a trip to Paris to fuel your luxury wine and dine feels!

3) Positano, Italy

This place needs no introduction - often argued to be the most picturesque spot in the world, pictures of this location are all over the world wide web. 

Luxury comes in many forms such as scenery, hotels, beaches, food and evening entertainment - luckily Positano has all of these sides covered and more. 

It is also not short of picturesque hotels for you to capture those luxury moments. If you fancy your own private beach along with great views of the bay, the 5 star Il San Pietro di Positano is a great bet - a regular feature in the worlds best hotels list.


4) Udaipur, India

Known as the most romantic city in India, Udaipur features multiple lavish palaces that seem to float atop the city's multiple artificial lakes. The Taj Palace on Lake Pichola was built in the 18th century and has been turned into a five-star luxury hotel. The 250-year-old marble hotel is located on an island in the middle of a lake so you arrive by boat. The rooms are like nothing you will have seen before, featuring hand-painted murals, antique furniture and opulent ornaments. Guests have the pleasure of dining on gourmet Indian cuisine in the Lily Pond Courtyard. Treats offered to guests are a candlelit pontoon in the lake or a relaxing massage at the Jiva Spa.

Apart from the palaces, the region has a glowing history and offers a brilliant day out for explorers. Not to mention the great food that is there to feast upon in this region of the world - a great option in the region is Bar Palladio, a very lavish and stylish bar which presents a great photo opportunity.

Taj Lake

5) Lake Como, Italy

Another Italian addition and its no secret why luxury and Italy go hand in hand. Home to some of the most iconic and stylish brands in the world, Italy is full of so many luxury destinations for couples and travellers in general that it deserves its own top 10. Lake Como is another beautiful exclusive luxury spot in Italy. It is brilliantly located near the Milan offering a great chance to fulfil all your shopping desires while coming back to relax at some of the best resorts in the world with break taking views.

It is a given that food will be extraordinary anywhere in Italy. Our favourite picks for place to stay with stunning viewpoints are the Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como  and Villa d'Este - both being 5 stars.

6) Santorini, Greece

A place so distinctive that it lives long in the memory. It's distinctive architecture of white and blue houses and restaurants fit in perfectly with its blue ocean surroundings. It rightfully has the title of the most beautiful island in the world. Home to some of the most exclusive bars and restaurants, you are sure to experience a luxury experience here like no other.

One can spend hours wondering through the little streets of the island and still be in awe of its beaut. To experience it the best way, we recommend getting an airbnb and explore the great local restaurants for all your food endeavours.


7) Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is surrounded by an amazingly diverse landscape that will suit people who want to spend their time outdoors and experience magnificent structures such as The Imperial Place or the stunning Sensō-ji Temple. Its unique and historic culture gives an experience so different that its matched by very few places elsewhere. There are some amazing places to stay that offer a luxurious experience to their guests but one of the best options is The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

Like with all the locations on the list, there are so many picture opportunities presented it here that it will give you lasting memories to keep forever - Tokyo is a once in a lifetime experience for sure!

8) London, United Kingdom

Any travel list you can possibly think of and London will be in it! The city has everything for the ultimate luxury destination experince for couples - it offer a great urban get away spot with the most happening bars and restaurants to enjoy your evenings in while also great locations to do activities during your day time explores - not to mention the great history this city has to offer!

The city is filled with amazing buildings and structures, fashionable boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants and exciting attractions. For the classic British luxury experience rivalling the royal treatment, try The Savoy, The Dorchester, and The Ritz - the three of the most famous hotels in England’s capital.

9) Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

What could be more luxurious than spending time on a private island? Song Saa Private Island is 35-minutes form Sihanoukville Port by boat. This resort actually spans two islands - connected only by a footbridge over a marine reserve - a brilliant little walk to enjoy. It is the natural assets that make this resort so unique and it is currently the only luxury accommodation in Cambodia. 

The cosy and intimate surroundings make this one of the ultimate luxury destinations for any couples - it truly is a place to connect with one another and the nature in its purist form. 

Song Saa

10) New York, United States of America

Last but certainly not the least - this global hotspot is one for every couple to tick off their list not once but at least twice. The reason for this is because New York in the summer is a completely different holiday to New York in the winter - both equally memorable but with very different vibes and feels.

Whats a constant is its urban luxury offerings rivalled by very few cities in the world. This city is a hub of high-end boutiques, spa and beauty treatments, historic buildings, and fine dining restaurants. You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing your luxury accommodation. The Plaza, Mandarin Oriental, and Four Seasons Hotel are just three of your options.

Other notable mentions include:

1) Mirihi Island, The Maldives - the ultimate luxury destination couple holiday with private accommodation and first class service!

2)  Langkawi, Malaysia - A beautiful country and it is there you will find the world renowned Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. The resort boasts 91 villas, the rainforests and the dramatic cliffs.

3) Mauritius -  a break that offers the ultimate in relaxation in a warm climate.